How to Help My Child Prepare

A Parent’s Checklist

The TELPAS Alternate assessment is written specifically for students with significant cognitive disabilities who learn in unique ways. Meet with your child’s teacher to learn about resources that support your child’s unique learning mode.

Home to School Connection

The home to school connection is critical to achieve student success. Frequent two-way communication is necessary to offer feedback, share strategies that are working, determine if student support is sufficient or determine whether additional supports are needed.

Review Observable Behaviors
with Classroom Examples

Take a look at Observable Behaviors and Classroom Examples to know what your child can expect long before the testing date.

Go to the TELPAS Alternate Resources web page

Screenshot Scorecard

Review Your Child’s TELPAS ALTERNATE Report Card

See how your child did this year as well as his or her TELPAS ALTERNATE score history. You will learn how they are progressing and help them do their best.

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