Literacy and Lexile® Measures

The Importance of Literacy

It’s much more than just reading words on a page. Literacy involves reading, understanding, and communicating effectively — all skills that are needed not only for tests, but for life.

The Lexile® Framework is a way for schools to know the difficulty of the materials your child can read and understand. All 50 states, including Texas, use Lexile®measures to improve student achievement in reading comprehension.

What the Lexile® framework does

Using Lexile® Tools at Home

Curious about your child’s Lexile® measure and what it means? Use these tools to learn more.

Find a Book

The Find a Book tool helps you choose books that are at the right Lexile® measure for your child. Just enter your child’s Lexile® measure to see available books.

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The Lexile Titles Database® is a list of books with Lexile measures provided by MetaMetrics. Neither the Texas Education Agency (TEA) nor MetaMetrics chooses the books to be measured – the book publishers do. The publishers are reputable academic and trade publishers, and the developmental levels of books are displayed when the publishers provide them. In no way should one assume that the books are recommended or endorsed by TEA, nor should the books or database search results be taken as a suggested reading list. Parents and educators should preview books to make sure they are at the appropriate developmental level and are suitable for the child.

Lexile® Map

The Lexile® Map includes examples of popular books and sample text at different points on the Lexile® scale.

Download map in color Download map in black and white for efficient printing Learn about the Lexile® Map and more download options

Growth Planner

You may wonder if your child will be prepared for the reading requirements of college and the workplace upon graduation. The Lexile® Growth Planner provides some insight on this topic. With the Lexile® Growth Planner, you can chart your child’s reading growth across different annual state assessments, forecast future reading growth, compare that forecasted reading growth with the text demands of college and careers, and, if needed, identify a custom growth path to ensure your child is college and career ready when they graduate from high school.

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Expand Your Child’s Reading

One of the best ways to nurture a love of reading that leads to improved literacy is to take your children to the library regularly. Most libraries have special summer reading programs.

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